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We source fantastic development sites and gain planning approval for schemes that deliver beautiful, diverse and sustainable communities.

Working with land and property owners to maximises the value of their assets, creating a legacy of exceptional neighbourhoods that enable local communities to thrive.

Driven by a desire to create exceptional homes for people to live, we are passionate about regeneration and placemaking. We work with landowners, using our experience to develop a robust planning strategy that maximises successful outcomes. We work hard to create outstanding developments and deliver beautiful family homes.


We work throughout the UK in villages, towns and cities, located in close proximity to good employment opportunities, community infrastructure and transportation links. We like to create homes that enhance and complement local surroundings, and they are designed in such a way that foster the creation of integrated and collaborative communities.


We see change as an opportunity for regenerations and to create sustainable neighbourhoods. We start with the belief that with the support of our consultant teams we can create a vision for each development site and deliver this. We draw on our experience and desire to find a better way.

Our strategic process

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1. Source

We work with landowners to understand their drivers and vision for the site, before securing the land under an agreement that lets us promote the scheme to achieve the maximum potential of the land.

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2. Plan

Using our experience and a network of trusted industry experts, we develop a bespoke planning strategy for the land. This gives every site that we work the best chances of securing planning consent.

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3. Deliver

Once consented, we seek to deliver our sites so that they become sustainable and diverse communities. We are working hard to create a legacy of excellently designed well-built developments.


If you are a land or property owner that are considering what legacy could be left on your site, then please have a look at some of our past projects and how we have added value:


Working with us

We are always open to discussion around new land and property deals and so if you have a site in mind and are interested in talking through how we could help, then please make contact with us.

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