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Using our experience and knowledge we add value to the development projects that we deliver with our partners and clients.”

We work with investors, developers, JV partners and contractors to manage their development and construction projects, providing bespoke solutions to real life challenges.

Using our network of trusted agents and consultants Elements Real Estate sources on and off-market development opportunities. Our team are trusted for maximising development value and delivering sustainable development projects. Setting the vision and strategy for each scheme, we are able to structure development funding, Joint Venture arrangements and manage investor relationships to take our developments from concept to completion.

As part of our bespoke service, we are also able to structure investments strategies and provide asset management services. Our services in the successful delivery of projects includes consulting to developers and contractors around operational, design, procurement and project management as well as integrating into external project teams to set new ways of working, or managing the delivery of complex projects

Our Portfolio


Whilst our Real Estate business provides a broad range of services as well as providing initiative solutions to most challenges, there are a few areas where we are renowned for helping:

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Return on Investment

Are you an investor or aspirational property investor who would like to work with an experienced developer to achieve excellent returns?

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Failed Planning

Have you a failed planning application that you were told by your consultant team would be approved and now you would like someone else to manage a revised application?

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Maximise Values

Are you a property or landowner with development opportunities and you are looking for a trusted partner to maximise the value of your scheme?

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Trusted Advice

Have you a scheme which has planning approval, but on costing the project it no longer stacks-up commercially and so you would like a second opinion on the viability?

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Strategic Consulting

Are you a developer with challenges around procurement, capital cost increases, consultant and internal team performance which needs a solution?

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Tailored Support

Are you a contractor who needs support with project planning, structuring internal and consultant teams and the management of projects?

Apartment Building

Working  with us

Please get in contact if you think we can help.

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